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Types of essays

Most writer paper find it rather challenging when it comes to writing an essay. In order to better understand how to write a good essay, it is vitally important to know what the main types of essay are.
Here are the top types of essay writing:
Descriptive essay
This type of an essay describes what someone feels, sees, likes or what something smells, tastes etc. All you need to do is give a certain fact regarding the theme and disclose it using evidence. It is one of the easiest types of essay which you will ever have to write. You don’t need to prove your point of view. All you have to do is describe.
Expository essay
An expository essay is a type of essay the purpose of which is to explain certain facts or ideas. It is always based on opinion, so there cannot be wrong answers. This type of essay is an unbiased analysis of a subject. An expository essay is mainly focused on explaining the topic using examples, it doesn’t require deep research.
Narrative essay
Its main aim is to explain the topic to the reader. All you have to do is mention a certain fact and disclose it using tools. It is one of the easiest essays you will ever have to write. You don’t need to prove your point of view. All you need to do is narrate.
Reflective essay
A reflective essay is an essay which describes the writer’s personal experience, for example the places he or she has visited, or people who had an impact on his or her life. This type of essay reveals the writer’s true identity and discloses his real personality and what made him or her like that.A reflective essay is that kind of essay where you have to use your own experience, so you can’t borrow anything.
Critical essay
This type of an essay analyzes strengths and weaknesses of things, events, people etc. Critical essays evaluate how well the work is done. Did the writer manage to do it in a proper way? Was it convincing or not? To write this type of an essay, it is essential to deeply understand the subject you criticize.
Persuasive essay
Its main purpose is to change the readers’ point of view completely. It is considered to be one of the strongest types of an essay for it requires excellent skills and good understanding of the subject.
Definition essay
A definition essay is a type of an essay the main aim of which is to explain what a term means or define the subject. Some terms have a concrete meaning such as steel, tree, table etc. Others are abstract for instance hatred, love and honesty which depend on a person’s point of view.
Compare and contrast essay
A compare and contrast essay is very popular type of essay at university. Its main purpose is to figure out connections between two things, ideas or theories. The comparison of two things should give the reader a clear understanding of similarities and differences as well.
Cause and effect essay
This type of an essay describes certain reasons and action which are a cause of certain consequences or results. Cause and effect essay are focused on why things happen and what their outcomes are.
Process essay
Process essay is also known as a how-to essay for they are more like tutorials. This type of an essay follows a step-by-step style explaining a process of making or breaking something.
Argumentative essay
It should be noted that this type of an essay is useful for any student on any level of education. Its main objective is to make the reader believe in their claim. That’s why it takes a lot of research, effort and investigation in order to succeed in changing other people’s minds.
These are the most common types of essays in the academic world. Writing each of them requires knowledge and skills, but as we all know ‘practice makes perfect’.