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How to write an essay

Type of writing which is called “Essay” came from France. French educators were first who chose to test their understudies by this kind of composing. After a few years, it became popular in the whole of Europe. So, what is the main reason why professors and students like it so much?

The first reason is that it is a creative type of writing. It is not an official writing; essay writer can compose whatever they, but it should be connected with the topic. It has a free structure, but everything should be logically connected.

It develops your creative abilities. Also, it is a decent open door for the educators to check understudy’s ability to think logically. Sometimes professors give a special task to argue with something in an essay.

Likewise, you have to know how to compose distinctive cases accurately. An essay, which is composed without examples, is a wrong essay.

You need to use different sources, something around twenty percent of your academic essay should be taken from the internet or book. However, you need to quote that information. At the very end, you ought to put links to your source. Otherwise, it will be counted as a plagiarism. Most of the universities kick out their students for the plagiarism, so be careful.

At the same time, it is necessary to avoid the use of slang in an essay, too frivolous tone should not be used as well. The words you use when you compose your essay should be serious.

When you start writing an essay, it is important to determine, to understand its topic, to determine the desired volume and goals of each paragraph.

Start with the main idea or a bright phrase. Your task is to immediately grab the attention of the reader. You can use comparisons; they can be connected with your life or with different essays or books.

Do not forget about grammar. Nobody wants to read an essay with grammar mistakes. You can use special websites if you are not sure about the correctness of your writing. Most of them are free to you, so good luck with your writing.

Book Report

Writing a review for students around the world is penal servitude. In fact, there is nothing complicated or tedious in this. You can even have fun if you approach the task correctly. Here are a few simple steps, after doing which you will be able to write a brief but informative review.

Criteria for correct review: full information about the author of the book, title, topic, year of publication, key points of the narrative. Analytical approach: all good and bad that is in the work are investigated and justified. The average volume of the review is from 1,000 to 3,000 characters. If more is already a critical article, if less – reader feedback. Analysis of a recently published book: the reviewer does it from scratch, and not under the influence of other people’s opinions. Mention previous works and regalia of the author, without servility or bias.

The reviews can be classified: on the object – music, films, theatrical productions, in our case – non-fiction books;

On the subject, i.e. the paper writer of the review – an expert, an ordinary reader or a person to whom the author paid for a positive response;.

Book reviews can be conditionally divided into:

Detailed professional analysis;

Short reviews-articles written by readers;

The essay with the dominant personal opinion about the book and the attitude to the author;

Auto reviews, when the author expresses his work;

Book reviews.

It is necessary to read the book several times – first from the standpoint of an ordinary reader, and then with a view to making a critical analysis. In the process, you can arm with a pad, paper bookmarks or stickers. Do not read other reviews about the book, so as not to write other people’s words. Yes, your opinion may differ drastically from the majority opinion. Write, do not be afraid of “holivar” – a competent review will only be a plus.

Remember the rule: the more negative opinions you have about the book, the more arguments you need to give in its favor. The review in this case will be more extensive. Use in equal proportions logic and emotions. Do not try mental (and sometimes animal and physical) fear of the author – if you bought a book, and did not download from the torrent tracker, then you have the right to argue.

Coursework writing service

Every student has a very long and hard task at the end of every academic year. It is called “Coursework.” That is why you will be successful in this work only if you do it by yourself, you cannot steal it from the internet. The consequences can be terrible.

In most cases, paper writer have enough time to finish their coursework. However, most of them are lazy, they start doing it only when they have a few days left. In this case, they will fail it, or they have an opportunity to buy it on the internet. Nowadays prices are not very high, almost every student is able to buy it. There are thousands of professionals on the internet, which are ready to help you.

However, it is better to look at their reputation first. Some of them may try to deceive you or your coursework will not be good enough.

It does not matter if you are going to spend one day or a few months to finish your coursework; you need to remember following recommendations.

When you take an information from the internet, you have to quote it. And at the very end, you ought to create a page, where you will mention your sources. You have to think about the similarity of your coursework. It is better to check it from time to time, not only at the end.

It is great if you have your supervisor, do not hesitate to ask him any questions. It is his job to answer your questions; he gets his money for this job.

It is better to start your writing by composing a plan. Just try to brainstorm everything you know about your topic. Write it on the separate piece of paper. Now it will be easier for you to concentrate, you work will not seem so hard for you.

You have to learn formatting rules of a coursework. You may find a huge amount of examples of coursework on the internet. Look on its formatting; make your own conclusion about it. Your body paragraph has to be eighty percent of the whole size.  

Paper Help

First, let’s figure out what the introduction should consist of. It is clear that it should introduce the reader into the course of the case, briefly talk about the problem, so that the reader understands what will be discussed at all. It should also contain such important points as:
• The relevance of the topic;
• subject and object of research;
• goals and objectives;
• hypothesis;
• methods of research

All these are structural components of the introduction, which must necessarily be. Usually, it takes from 2 to 6 pages. More volume should not be done – there will be “water”, and these teachers do not like.

The relevance of the topic
You need to justify the reasons why you chose this particular topic. In principle, the substantiation of the relevance in the diploma differs little from the justification in the coursework. In addition, in this part of the work, it is necessary to explain how this study will help in solving the stated problems. It must have a practical need.

B) Subject and object of research
It is necessary to easily navigate in these concepts. An object is a specific field in which the researcher is working. The subject is a constituent part of the object of research, exactly what the student is studying. For example: while studying botany, the object of the investigation will be a tree, and the subject – a specific part of the tree – a leaf.

Subject and object of research
With this usually everything is simple. The student sets specific goals, which he intends to come up with during the course of the research. Tasks help him come to these goals

In this case, the hypothesis is what the author expects to come up with. However, in the course of the research, the hypothesis can, as confirmed, never be confirmed. This assumption can be constructed with the help of the following phrases: – “it will work effectively provided ….” – “this is possible if available …” – “the creation will ensure ….” etc.

Methods of research
Methods are methods of studying this problem. In any scientific work, standard methods are used, such as analysis, generalization, comparison, etc. You can also create and use your own unique methods. For example, when studying the evolution of a particular publication, it was necessary to develop its own analysis scheme.

Types of essays

Most writer paper find it rather challenging when it comes to writing an essay. In order to better understand how to write a good essay, it is vitally important to know what the main types of essay are.
Here are the top types of essay writing:
Descriptive essay
This type of an essay describes what someone feels, sees, likes or what something smells, tastes etc. All you need to do is give a certain fact regarding the theme and disclose it using evidence. It is one of the easiest types of essay which you will ever have to write. You don’t need to prove your point of view. All you have to do is describe.
Expository essay
An expository essay is a type of essay the purpose of which is to explain certain facts or ideas. It is always based on opinion, so there cannot be wrong answers. This type of essay is an unbiased analysis of a subject. An expository essay is mainly focused on explaining the topic using examples, it doesn’t require deep research.
Narrative essay
Its main aim is to explain the topic to the reader. All you have to do is mention a certain fact and disclose it using tools. It is one of the easiest essays you will ever have to write. You don’t need to prove your point of view. All you need to do is narrate.
Reflective essay
A reflective essay is an essay which describes the writer’s personal experience, for example the places he or she has visited, or people who had an impact on his or her life. This type of essay reveals the writer’s true identity and discloses his real personality and what made him or her like that.A reflective essay is that kind of essay where you have to use your own experience, so you can’t borrow anything.
Critical essay
This type of an essay analyzes strengths and weaknesses of things, events, people etc. Critical essays evaluate how well the work is done. Did the writer manage to do it in a proper way? Was it convincing or not? To write this type of an essay, it is essential to deeply understand the subject you criticize.
Persuasive essay
Its main purpose is to change the readers’ point of view completely. It is considered to be one of the strongest types of an essay for it requires excellent skills and good understanding of the subject.
Definition essay
A definition essay is a type of an essay the main aim of which is to explain what a term means or define the subject. Some terms have a concrete meaning such as steel, tree, table etc. Others are abstract for instance hatred, love and honesty which depend on a person’s point of view.
Compare and contrast essay
A compare and contrast essay is very popular type of essay at university. Its main purpose is to figure out connections between two things, ideas or theories. The comparison of two things should give the reader a clear understanding of similarities and differences as well.
Cause and effect essay
This type of an essay describes certain reasons and action which are a cause of certain consequences or results. Cause and effect essay are focused on why things happen and what their outcomes are.
Process essay
Process essay is also known as a how-to essay for they are more like tutorials. This type of an essay follows a step-by-step style explaining a process of making or breaking something.
Argumentative essay
It should be noted that this type of an essay is useful for any student on any level of education. Its main objective is to make the reader believe in their claim. That’s why it takes a lot of research, effort and investigation in order to succeed in changing other people’s minds.
These are the most common types of essays in the academic world. Writing each of them requires knowledge and skills, but as we all know ‘practice makes perfect’.